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What’s love got to do with it...?


It’s Valentine’s Day, such a fraught holiday. Some people love it, celebrate fully with flowers, chocolate, champagne. Others are scornful, resenting the

“greeting card holiday”. Personally, I don’t indulge in the materialism but any reminder to appreciate the love in our lives, yeah, I’m ok with that. Why not celebrate love!?

This morning when I taught my Sunday 9am class I reminded my students that it’s most important to be our own Valentines. To love ourselves fearlessly! It all begins with self-love. Loving oneself can feel like a radical act but we are all worthy of love, it cracks us open, it moves us forward, it heals.

I have experienced, first hand, the power of love. I have seen it transform people, and situations, and change all involved for the better. I have witnessed families reconstructed, couples rekindle the flame of romantic love, children realize their worth and potential, tended gardens blossom, and homeless pets revitalized. Love has the power to heal even if love can’t fix what is wrong it makes life bearable, gives us a purpose and reason to go on.

So, Happy Valentine’s Day!

Love yourself, love each other, and shine 💖

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